Thursday, 31 January 2013

I am soo excited!!!

Last year my friend Maria and I took part in Buckinghamshire Open Studio's.
We have just signed up for this year and I am very excited to be taking part again. This time it will be in my house. I have just started making again after taking time out to clear my workroom and find more space for the wonderful vintage fabrics, antique lace and lots of glittery rhinestone brooches and vintage jewellery. 
But now I am ready to go. 
My head is full of ideas of what to make with it and I promise I will post when I make new things. 
These are some of the ones I made and sold for 2012 Open Studio's

This weekend too I will be assigned my new partner for the 7th bead Soup Blog Party!!! 
I get to send a clasp, some beads and a focal/pendent to my partner and I will get the same in return. 
Then we make something from the things we have received and on the assigned date we publish on our blogs what we have made. Then the Party starts as you go to everyone's blogs to see what they received and made. 
There are about 500 participants from all over the world and there are three reveal dates so a lot of Blog hopping!
Exciting times ahead!!! 

Marjolein X

Angels and Fairies

Last year when I taught  the Ladies of the Women's Institute at a dabbleday we had a go at making Angels and Fairies. It was such a success that this week we made them in our session with my Amersham Ladies of the WI. The results were amazing and they all enjoyed being creative. They made little angels with big wings, big angels with little wings, thin angels and fat angels, but they have one thing in common, they are all lovely. There are going to be a few Grand-daughters very pleased when they are given these as pendants on little silver chains.
Aren't they just gorgeous!!! Angels are not only for Christmas.

Marjolein X