Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Dabble Day

Early November the Buckinghamshire WI held a crafts Dabble day. I was asked to take part as a Tutor. My project was a Jewellery one but the Ladies could make knitted Poppy's, felt stockings, Father Christmasses and lots of other things. It was very enjoyable to see 91 Ladies having so much fun. and we all thought it was a great success.This is what I had prepared.
The day was devided into a morning and an afternoon session, but the boundaries blurred and we crafted all day as lots of Ladies were too eager to carry on!
Lots of hard work going on
Those Memory bracelets have very small beads!
All finished!
The Birdsnest Necklace was one of the favourites.
A big Thank You to Lyndsey for asking me to take part and for the Comittee for their hard work in organising this Dabble Day!!

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