Thursday, 10 October 2013

A holiday in Holland

It was so lovely to be back in  Holland seeing family and friends. Paul and I had a very enjoyable two days on our own in Amsterdam and visited the newly refurbished Rijksmuseum in that wonderful city. Unfortunately I left my camera at the Hotel and only took photo's with my phone so no photo's of the beautiful objects in the museum for the blog.  Paul and I walked around the museum  in the morning, ofcourse we lingered at the Nightwatch painted by Rembrandt. We called our daughter Saskia the same name as Rembrandts wife. In the afternoon we were taken on a "behind the scenes" tour of the museum by our friend Bjorn who was involved with the fire prevention in the building. Bjorn explained how much work has gone into the restauration of the building and how much thought was put into the display of the objects within. The result is the most wonderful museum and I can only say go and visit this fantastic collection and see for yourself.
Amsterdam, Well ......

The photo's speak for themselves. We had the most gloriously sunny day to wander along the canals, experiencing the delights of Amsterdam. We walked everywhere that day as everything is so central. At every stage you marvel at the charming gabled facades of the houses. We also visited the fantastic shop of Jane Schouten and her daughter Robin. Jane writes and posts about her shop and the fantastic things she makes on her  blog  All the luck in the world . I wanted to visit her shop as I have followed her blog for some time. Apart from her own designs there are vintage somewhat quirky finds and newer things too, all displayed  in a lovely creative  way. If you find yourself in Amsterdam  the shop in the Gerard Dou straat is well worth a visit. 
Jane uses a plus sign for positivity, often in bright pink and it is also displayed on the front of the shop.
You cannot miss it!

It is always difficult to leave Holland but this time it was easier as my sisters Mieke and Caroline travelled with us to France. We met up with friends Anke and Joe, and together we spent  a very enjoyable weekend in Amiens. We went there to find some bargains at the second largest Fleamarket in Northern France. We were not disappointed. Over 2000 sellers with the loveliest things and yes, I blew the budget! 
Tomorrow I shall post the photo's of the fair and the things I bought.


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