Wednesday, 9 April 2014

A Cornish Pasty anyone? And some new necklaces.

I have been working on new necklaces and some Dolls House food jewellery. The Dolls House food jewellery is on its way to Falmouth where it will be in the B-Beautiful Fair on Saturday. I particularly like the way the Cornish Pasty's brooches have turned out.

I am really enjoying making these bib Necklaces. My table is a complete mess of all my metal bits and pieces, earrings, buttons, old bits of jewelery and from all of that came the necklaces. I like working in a complete mess with everything out on the table to choose from. I know that is not how everyone works but that is my preferred method. The table is now cleared because tomorrow evening I am holding a collage workshop. By the weekend my bits and pieces will be back on the table again because I will be working on my Bead Soup Blog Party pieces. My dream would be a studio where there is plenty of space for all of my bit and pieces and enough table space to spread out...... One day.....


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