Tuesday, 5 November 2013

THE Fleamarket in Amiens

I completely forgot to post the photos of the Fleamarket in Amiens we went to last month. 
We never managed to see everything that the 2000! sellers had for sale. There was so much to choose from.

I bought, a small chandelier, old kitchen whisks and graters for my (small but growing) collection, sheets, vintage brooches,buttons and ofcourse, fabric, lace, and the loveliest fabric covered box with haberdashery bits. So much to choose from. It starts at 5 in the morning and lasts the whole day. We had the most amazing time and we certainly will visit again next year.
Amiens also has the most incredible Cathedral. It is a World Heritage site.

Inside is the statue of the Weeping Angel
How cute is that!

I took lots of pictures and looking at them reminded me of the lovely time we had.



  1. What a beautiful spot, Marjolein (the cathedral sin't bad, either LOL)... I love those cool slippers in the second pic!

    1. THanks Monique. I loved the slippers too. Unfortunately they were a bit too expensive for me! It is really a wonderful place.